What equipment is needed to trap an opossum?

Trapping Washington opossums can be a tricky procedure. They are generally nocturnal animals and they will avoid any traps that have human scents. They are also very wary and freaky so you will have the least chance of trapping an opossum compared to rats.

Nighttime is the best time of the day where you can try to catch an Olympia opossum. You have to observe very carefully the places where opossums are frequently going. Once you successfully locate the place, you can apply some techniques that will make you successfully catch the animal. Trapping opossums do not require a knowledge of rocket science. However, you have to learn their habits, their diet, and what makes them tick in order for you to prepare the proper bait. Once you catch an opossum, you can call a wildlife personnel and they will take the opossum off your hands.

Equipment in Trapping Olympia Opossums
You can buy a wire cage at your local farm stores. Make sure to identify the size of the opossum so that the cage will not be too small or too big for them. Buy a cage that has a handle in order to prevent getting bitten by the opossum while you are relocating them. Place the cage in a slanting position on the entrance of the opossums. The slanting position of the trap will make the opossums get in easier and they will have a hard time leaving.

Baits for the Trap
Opossums are very wary of their surroundings. They generally live in the wildlife and they only need to go to urban areas when food becomes scarce. You can set a bait for leftover food near the cage. Opossums are usually not picky or particular when it comes to food. They can eat anything, anytime and anywhere. Make sure to set the bait on the cage’s entry point. This is to ensure that they will be trapped in the cage before they realize what is happening. Put sticky foods that have sweet smells as baits. They won’t be able to transfer the sticky foods to another place. Pet food, fruits, tuna, fishes, and marshmallows are also some of the bait that you can use when trying to trap an opossum.

Kinds of traps
Live Traps are the most convenient trap that you can use when trapping opossums. Once the opossum steps into the live trap, the door will automatically close and they won’t be able to get out. This is the best time to call animal control authorities to get the opossum off your house.

Kill Traps
This is not a recommended trap but it is still being used by some people. This trap will snap on the neck part of the opossum when they step into it. This is designed to put them down swiftly without suffering. It is illegal to kill opossums in some states so make sure that you know the law before doing anything else.

If you have any problems with regards to opossums, you can always call a professional to help you deal with them.

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