What kind of damage do skunks cause under a house

There are quite a lot of ways for skunks to make their way beneath someone’s property via a cavity. This can result in a big amount of damage. Naturally, skunks happen to be wonderful diggers. However, they will not hesitate to use an existing cavity as their den and nesting spots in case they do find one.

In case you own a property such as a house and are certain that there is an Olympia skunk that has found its way beneath your house, it is important to take measures to get it removed straight away. Moreover, it is also beneficial to know the kinds of damage that they may cause in this way.

Front legs of Olympia skunks happen to be very strong, and their claws are very sharp. In case there is a skunk digging beneath your house, you may be able to see digging signs at the end of the house walls. Usually, when skunks do find a small cavity beneath a house, they try their best to make the space larger by digging even further hence expanding the cavity. They may also try to dig more access point to their nesting spot.

Due to an increased number of access points beneath the house, the support of the house becomes very weak. As a result of this, the fences of the house may simply fall off or get buried deeper into the ground due to their own weight.

Apart from that, in case there are any vents on the ground level, they can become potential dens for these animals. While vents made out of plastic or metal mesh wires happen to be quite sturdy, a skunk still makes way in via strong and sharp claws. So damage to vent screens is yet another way skunks can create havoc.

Another way Washington skunks can damage your property is via contamination due to the foul odor and feces. Skunks tend to have anal glands that produce a very unique and foul odor, that keeps predators away. Skunks actually happen to be quite famous for this pungent odor. Quite surprisingly, once the odor sets in, it can be quite difficult to remove it and it may linger around for many days. This is the last thing that any homeowner would want on his/her property. Moreover, skunks living beneath the house are also likely to poop in the cavities underneath. This smell when collected, can easily permeate upwards from the cavity into and around the house.

The odor can be so extreme at times that it would be nearly impossible for people to dwell on that property. Moreover, getting rid of that specific odor may always require the help and assistance of a wildlife control unit. Since these people are expert and experienced in matters related to animals such as skunk, they will be able to take precautions for the removal of the odor. Moreover, wildlife control units will also safely evacuate the skunk from beneath your house via caged traps and take precautions to block the cavities to prevent future takeovers.

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