What property modifications will keep down bat populations?

Washingotn bat infestations are continuously becoming a nuisance today. This is as a result of the animals hunting for food that leads them to hunt in residential areas. Bats will find their way into a chimney, ceiling or attic where it is less likely to be disturbed but still stay long enough to enjoy a constant supply of food from a home.

One of the most effective ways to keep Washingotn bats away from your home is by sealing off all potential entry points through which they can gain access. This can be achieved through a number of modifications. Improving the lighting fixtures in and around your home is one way to keep bats away. This is simply because the bats tend to avoid the light and will prefer darker corners that their eyes can adjust to comfortably. Having a few bright bulbs installed around the property and in the attic, basement or any crawlspaces will help deter them by night while daylight keeps them off during the day.

Still on the bulbs, white light bulbs are known to attract insects which happen to be one of the most common sources of food for bats. Having yellow bulb lights installed instead will still serve the purpose of providing enough lighting to keep away the bat menace without accidentally attracting more problems in the form of insect infestation. Hanging aluminum strips in places where they are likely to go into will also serve as a good deterrent simply because the metal will disorient them significantly, causing them to seek refuge elsewhere.

Another obvious trick that you can use in your home to keep the bats down is sealing all entry points. Washington bats are quite small and can easily squeeze into very narrow spaces that would otherwise be considered impossible to go though. In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to close up spaces in the window sills, tiles, roof, chimneys and even walls. For places like the vents, covering them up with netting of sorts or hardware cloth for instance, will help to keep them away while still enabling them to perform their intended purpose. A good way to seal these gaping holes and crevices would be to use hardening foam insulation or even caulk which are readily available in stores.

In addition, you can cover up your chimney using some mesh wiring before covering the top with a stainless steel cap to ensure the bats do not come down the chimney hole.

The most efficient way to deal with bats is to prevent them from coming in in the first place. Having some measures, like the ones mentioned above, will help prevent this from happening. This will in turn prevent you from incurring losses in the form of damage to property and treatment of diseases that may be transferred by these animals. Additionally, you may also incur some costs in the process of getting animal control to relocate the bats. All these can be avoided by simply putting in place solid preventive measures.

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